All Aspects Landscaping Fernhill Road Sandringham

A Sandringham landscaping project with Courtyard drainage problems and a full redesign of the garden. Split-level terrace, mulched garden beds, shade tolerant – New Zealand Rocklilies, Clivia, Magnolia Teddy Bear and Jarrah hardwood edging.

About the Sandringham garden

This job was completed over a few days. Sometimes with the townhouse that are popping up they have issues such as drainage. So this was a job we were happy to help the young couple out with. We put down a waterproofing membrane to make sure that there are no more leaks in the property. With this new split-level structure on top of the concrete base that was just cleaned off.

Sandringham is a small, tight-knit community with plenty of green space. Sandringham residents are looking for landscaping that will make their townhouses more attractive and functional while also reflecting the natural beauty of this seaside suburb. If you’re interested in learning how to create an outdoor living area that is beautiful year-round, consider our team’s expertise in Sandringham landscaping services. We offer everything from courtyard drainage issue fixes to full redesigns of garden spaces so they can be used as outdoor living areas all year long. For more information about All Aspects Landscaping services or if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Landscaping provides Sandringham residents with a way to enjoy the outdoors for more months out of the year, as well as a space in which they can showcase their personal style. Our Sandringham landscaping services are designed to help Sandringham homeowners create the outdoor living space of their dreams.

Bentleigh landscaping

The client had been looking for an outdoor space that was both relaxing and functional to share with their children. They wanted the perfect place where they could swing a bat, kick soccer balls in goals, or just have fun playing hide-and-seek.

The backyard makeover really helped them out as it turned out better than they could have dreamt. The new garden included an enclosed play area filled with soft grassy turf.


Bentleigh is a family-friendly suburb in Melbourne’s Southeast and offers plenty of schools, parks, and public transportation. It’s close to Brighton and McKinnon with its abundance of restaurants nearby.

Bentleigh is a suburb with a real community spirit. Bentleigh has an alternative feel to it as the sense of belonging, the importance of local shops and restaurants, and feeling of safety are not things Bentleigh residents take for granted. Bentleigh is indeed a gentle place to live in Melbourne’s Southeast.


The courtyard was a self-contained space, ripe with potential and hidden from the rest of Sandringham. as it is located below street level on Fernhill Road.


Fixed drainage issues, dug out soil the previous old soil, pressured cleaned the concrete, applied waterproofing membrane on top of the concrete, and created a split level garden.


Split-level terrace, mulched garden beds, shade tolerant – New Zealand Rocklilies, Clivia, Magnolia Teddy Bear and Jarrah hardwood edging.


The couple’s home is inspired by the local Sandringham area, and they’ve created a lovely space for entertaining in summer evenings. The garden has been designed to feel as though you’re away from it all, with an intimate space to dine.

Sandringham courtyard landscape

Sandringham is a suburb located in Melbourne, Victoria. Sandringham is known for its lovely cafes, restaurants, and the beachside location of Bayside.

The Sandringham house we worked on this year had courtyard drainage issues. The client wanted to have the job done as soon as possible, so we put our best team together and began work straight away.

As is often the case with landscaping projects, this job was done in stages. The first stage involved the installation of a new drainage system. This drainage system drained into the Sandringham property’s courtyard.

Our first order was tackling the drainage issues in their courtyard and redesigning it for an engaging atmosphere that works well for the clients. In doing so, we created a more functional space within these limitations as well as making this space safer for all those who may come into contact with it.

A courtyard is a common feature of many urban spaces. These outdoor areas provide respite and relief from the hustle and bustle found in dense, bustling cities. However, when built incorrectly or left uninhabited for long periods of time due to construction projects outside their boundaries they can pose an issue as rainwater simply pours into them rather than draining away naturally through underground pipes. In order to address this problem, it would be necessary not only to construct drainage but also make subtle changes like adding landscaping so that these spaces are more attractive while providing functionality at the same time.

The Fernhill Road townhouse is a cozy little spot in Sandringham, close to the beach. This was All Aspects Landscaping’s first job on this property and it turned out beautifully. It was a young couple’s first home, a lovely townhouse close to the beach.

The courtyard was small and lacked a drainage system. The Sandringham house and courtyard had plenty of plants but these were not arranged in such a way as to allow for adequate drainage. It also lacked attractive features.

The Sandringham project turned this once-barren lot into a flourishing garden. We decided on Mulched Garden Beds, Shade Tolerant New Zealand Rock Lilies, Clivias, and Teddy Bear Magnolias. We also installed Jarrah Hardwood Edging to keep the area looking tidy for years to come.

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