All Aspects Landscaping Parkers Road Parkdale

An entertaining space for a young couples first home. An outdoor living space, somewhere they could entertain friends, but also an area for their dog to play.

About the Parkdale garden

The homeowners chose a number of quality plants for their landscaped garden. They wanted some vibrant colours as Parkdale is quite a leafy suburb covered in trees so they needed something that stood out. They chose a range of flowering native plants that will provide beauty in all seasons. We used Capital pears for the garden beds as they are very hardy trees and will withstand the harsh Melbourne winters. The landscaped garden beds also include a selection of small shrubs and groundcover plants, that are low maintenance but still pretty.

The Parkers Road landscaped garden looks great and the new garden bed is already looking green, healthy and vibrant. With all of these plants planted in one go, it made an instant impact on the front yard.

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We wanted to create a space that would be perfect for the dog to play and have fun in, while still being safe, and open for an entertaining area.


Needed to be low maintenance. We designed a drip line irrigation system and water timers to make sure the garden is always looking healthy.


Turf before planting trees and shrubs with an irrigation system in place for water drainage purposes, paving and retaining walls.


We wanted to create a landscaping design for the Parkers road Parkdale house that was going to be safe for the dog to run around, and a bbq entertaining area.

Parkdale landscape project

This landscaping job was located in Parkers road, which is a residential area of the very popular suburb Parkdale in Melbourne’s South East. The homeowners were young and had recently purchased their first home together. They wanted an outdoor living space, somewhere they could entertain friends, but also an area for their dog to play. The couple wanted something that was modern but also had some personality to it. They selected a combination of materials to create the two sections of the garden.

The owners chose to pave the back section of the garden as they wanted something that would last a long time, easy to maintain and could use for a bbq and outdoor dining. They also wanted an area where their dog could play safely and be contained so it didn’t dig up their newly planted flowers.

BBQs are a staple in most Melbourne backyards, so it was a great idea to have part of the space paved, as it provides a perfect spot for BBQs and any other outdoor living purposes. The couple’s first home was located near the beach, so they wanted to spend nights entertaining friends outside.

We used a retaining wall to divide the two sections of the garden and it made all the difference in terms of aesthetics. It also provided the height of the garden, which is a critical feature in nearly all Melbourne gardens.

A combination of paving and turf was used for the two zones to provide contrast in terms of materials but at the same time complement each other. The couple wanted to make sure that these materials were durable enough to last them a long time as they have an active dog.

The homeowners decided on grey paving. It has been the trend for a long time now, but it is likely to stay in vogue for many more years. They chose river rock for the pathway and used sandstone pavers for the patio and BBQ area. Buffalo turf was also chosen in certain areas of the garden.

The retaining walls were used to separate the areas where the dog could play from the landscaped grass and new planting beds. It also helped maximise their use of space so they planted a number of different species in terms of vegetation.

Ficus flash screening edge has been become popular for its versatility, low maintenance and visual appeal. It is a very popular option for boundaries and privacy screens, as it provides privacy but at the same time allows light to shine through.

The landscaping project also incorporated drought-tolerant plants, which was a key feature of the homeowners’ brief.

Ficus was chosen for the screening wall because it has a very low water footprint, so will survive in extreme weather conditions. It also looked great and provided an instant impact once planted. The homeowners wanted to make sure they didn’t need to do much after planting, so these plants were the perfect choice.

An irrigation system was installed to help keep the plants alive and well once installed in the ground. This would decrease maintenance costs, as they won’t need to water manually every day.

Video’s of the Parkdale garden