Holmwood Avenue North Brighton

Full front yard landscape after a large scale full home renovation. The owners were delighted with their lush green space, soft turf and beautiful plants.

Holmwood Ave Landscaping

After a full home renovation, the last step was to renovate the garden for Holmwood Ave. North Brighton is known for being a luxury suburb of Melbourne, so we needed to design a beautiful garden to match.

The property owners were delighted with their lush green space, soft turf and beautiful plants.

After having completed all of their renovations on this luxurious remodel project, one final task remained: landscaping. The clients wanted an elegant outdoor area where they could entertain guests or just enjoy relaxing after a long day at work – something like what you might find around these parts if you drive out down the coast along Hampton, Sandringham and Beaumaris. Located right near Bay street Brighton, Holmwood avenue is in the heart of Bayside’s golden triangle.

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Layout Design

To begin the project, we worked to clear away any debris that was lying in their newly renovated property. After this was done, we were able to start digging holes for the new trees as well as watering them during their first few weeks of growth. This is always a must. For a few weeks, we focused on planting all of the trees before laying the lawns overtop of it all when finished. The clients wanted a rather thin-cut lawn, that would be soft on the feet for the children to play on.


Irrigation was installed near every tree and flower bed before the turf was laid. While laying the fresh grass, we also pruned away some of the redundant growth to ensure there would be ample space in their yard for outdoor entertainment.


After planting all of the trees, we moved onto installing drip irrigation underground so that it wasn’t visible or an eyesore even when watering outdoors. We all know the Melbourne summers can get pretty hot. The next step was to install pipe with drainage set and turf edging cushion layer underneath. The client chose white stone pavers instead of gravel so that if any dirt ever gets kicked up onto them by children running about, it wouldn’t be visible. Take note of the amazing hand selected blue stone edging that surrounds the property.


Our landscaping inspiration came from what the client wanted, as well as a few other garden makeover projects that we had completed in the past. They needed a functional space. They wanted to have lots of privacy, as all neighbors were double-story homes looking into their garden. They wanted a unique off-set path, and blue stone around the edges. The space for the children’s trampoline was something different, as we didn’t want the turf to die underneath, so we used gravel instead. Trampolines can kill grass from the lack of sun.

About the Holmwood garden

We took care of everything, from the landscaping to creating a space for their adorable dog and children to play. One item on the brief was a space for the trampoline.

To make sure that the location was pet-friendly as well as family friendly, we ensured there were flower beds lining every edge so they could enjoy gardening together when not on vacation in warmer climates or at work and school all day long.

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