What is the best grass for children in Melbourne?

Kids + grass + dogs are always a good talking point as there are many variables – age, activities, usage, size and of course dogs – digging, running tracks or urine can all affect a successful turf on a longer-term basis. With the right information, we can help you succeed in having a happy healthy lawn.

There are a few options here but for Bayside’s amazing sandy loam soil I often suggest a High quality Sir Walter buffalo turf. This is a thick spongy turf that allows for falls and hard wear.

Buffalo is known as a broad leaf turf with a root system that sits above the soil level known as stolons. If damaged this root system can become fairly difficult to regrow if under constant pressure, however, the regrowth process is quicker than any other turf as it is a tropical grass genetically engineered from a warmer climate to allow for growth in southern parts of Australia. For example, if a constant track of wear is going to occur – ie a cricket pitch the buffalo may suffer underfoot under winter. The regrowth will occur during spring and summer months fairly quickly to once again return to a reasonable state.

Trampolines and kids are a common thing in homes these days, we find that laying turf under trampolines only causes issues unless moved around frequently – however, this can be a good or bad thing as the movement promotes growth and heals if moved consistently. Another option is to do a crushed rock base under the trampoline and enjoy not having to move it around.

Buffalo is an easy turf to maintain over long term – water over summer and weed over winter.

Buffalo lays the least dormant over winter of all grasses, is the most shade tolerant and also drought tolerant.

Other turf options may include a Kikuyu which is a very hardy – often found on your local footy oval and tifftuff which is a fine leaf couch. Both can allow for an amazing turf if maintained correctly.

Regardless of which turf you select we will give you all the information you require to allow for the best outcome moving into the future.

What is the best grass for children in Melbourne?

Buffalo turf is one of the best grasses in Melbourne as it is tolerant to wear and tear and survives well in warmer climates. It is also resistant to pests, diseases, scratches and burns which makes it ideal for playgrounds as children love to run, jump and play on it without damaging the lawn.

Buffalo turf has excellent UV resistance so there is no need to apply any chemicals or seed dressings regularly as per normal practice. Provided the turf is mowed at an optimum height of 10-15mm or 0.39 to 0.6 inches regularly and maintained like a regular lawn, there is no need for any annual maintenance costs as per normal practice.

If you have newly installed turf, remember leave it at least 6 weeks before mowing it. Also water it every day for several weeks. This will give it a healthy start.

Being a native grass, buffalo turf plays natural role in stabilising runoff water after rainfall, which makes it friendly to ground water tables as well. As the grass is not planted but grown from seed, it also provides relaxation from the monotony of lawns as children love to play with it and roll on it.

What are the best types of grass’ for kids?

Apart from buffalo turf, there are many other types of grasses that can be used for children’s playgrounds and parks. Some of the most widely used grasses include Kikuyu grass, Couch Grass, Paspalum and Bermuda Grass.

Kikuyu grass is one of the commonly used varieties in Melbourne as it is easy to maintain and looks excellent. It is very dense with fine leaves and grows up to 30 cm above ground level. It can be mowed at a height of 5-15 mm or 0.2-0.6 inches regularly which makes it ideal for children’s play areas as they will not hurt themselves on the grass even when running full speed after a ball.

Couch grass is another excellent type of grass used for kids play areas and parks as it is soft, fine and short with dark green colour. It grows up to 4 inches tall and can be mowed at 2-6 inches regularly depending upon the climate conditions in Melbourne . The grass has good resistance against pests and diseases and is quite resilient. It can be maintained easily even by the children as it does not require any weekly mowing like a regular lawn or special attention after rain fall.

Paspalum grass is one of the finest varieties of grass found in Melbourne as it has some unique characteristics that make it ideal for playgrounds and parks. The grass has a waxy coating that protects it from stress and pests and diseases, which makes it quite resilient. It can grow at any temperature as well as in sandy, clay or fertilised soil conditions.

Bermuda grass is one of the toughest varieties of grass used for children’s play areas in Melbourne. It tolerates wear and tear well and does not need any watering or fertiliser. It can be mowed regularly to maintain the grass at an optimum height of 10-15 mm or 0.39-0.6 inches to avoid hazards for children.

Why is buffalo turf better than other lawn options?

Buffalo turf is an excellent choice for children’s playgrounds as it provides natural environment for kids while also allowing them to have fun on the grass. The grass requires no fertiliser or watering and can be maintained well with a regular mowing from time to time.

The lawn needs less water, much lesser than other types of grass and does not require any maintenance costs as you may have to pay for regular lawns. It has excellent UV resistance and can survive well in warmer climates where the temperature is high most of the year.

The grass provides natural playground environment that encourages kids to play outside, thus helping parents keep children healthy while also keeping them active all day long. There are many reasons why buffalo turf has become one of the most popular varieties of grass used for kids play areas in Melbourne . It is easy to maintain and does not require any special attention after a rainfall or a heat spell.

Buffalo turf requires almost no water as compared to other types of grasses that need constant watering through the year. The lawn looks great with an attractive green colour that never fades with time. It can grow at any temperature as well as in sandy, clay or fertilised soil conditions and has excellent resistance against pests and diseases.

The grass is very dense with fine leaves that make it feel soft when the kids are rolling on them. The turf also looks amazing even when maintained at a low height which makes it ideal for parks with children running all over it. Buffalo turf is also durable and lasts a long time which means that you need to maintain the lawn only once in a few years and there are no hidden costs for repairs or maintenance. The grass provides natural environment for kids as they get to play on real grass instead of synthetic plastic material.

What is the easiest type of grass to maintain?

Even exotic grass requires regular mowing to keep it looking great at all times. With buffalo turf, you just need to mow the lawn once every 3-4 months depending upon the season and never worry about watering it or fertilising it after a rainfall. It is easy to maintain even by children as they do not have to spend time watering or cutting the grass to maintain the lawn.

It is advisable to use a good quality mower for buffalo turf as it needs sharp blades and high power motor to get rid of all thatch within minutes. You can also choose manual push models if you want a more traditional method of maintaining the lawn.

What kind of grass is low maintenance?

Maintaining low maintenance lawns involves regular mowing and watering at specific times of the year. It is also important to remove weeds, insects and other pests from time to time. If done correctly, a good-quality grass will not require any special attention for several years. Bermuda grass is one of the best varieties of turf used for sports fields in Melbourne for children’s play areas.

It is a warm season grass that requires relatively higher amount of water as compared to buffalo or other types of lawns. It grows well in sandy, clay and fertilised soil conditions but loses its colour if it does not get enough sunlight exposure. If maintained regularly, this kind of grass will not need any special attention and can last a long time without showing any signs of wear.

Another popular variety that you can use for kids play areas in Melbourne is Kikuyu grass. It is a good choice for the warm season and grows well in sunny places with sandy loam or clay soil conditions.

What is the softest grass to walk on?

The grass needs regular mowing by a powerful mower to remove all thatch and make it look great at all times. Maintain Kikuyu turf with regular watering during the initial months as the roots grow well in sandy, clay or fertilised soil conditions.

Buffalo turf makes the perfect choice for children play areas as it does not get too hot on sunny days and is soft enough to be walked upon. It grows well in sandy or clay soil conditions with a pH level between 5.5 to 7.5 and can withstand high temperature, drought and poor drainage conditions without any trouble.