What is the difference between a landscaper and a gardener?

Landscaping vs gardening is a question we get asked quite often

The difference between landscaper and gardener is: A Landscape Architect designs gardens for homes while a home gardener tends his/her own garden.

A landscaper uses methods of hardscaping that more or less affects the terrain while gardening tends to be softscape. An architect drafts blueprints for landscapes so there are specific spaces, and a gardener creates spatial elements through layout by using plants. Gardening involves manipulating nature according to one’s own design while landscaping does not attempt to manipulate nature but rather adapts itself to an existing natural environment.

A gardener is usually only focused on horticultural aspects of the garden such as choosing plants/flowers, maintaining plant health, pruning plants, controlling pests, and does not actually construct anything in and around the garden.

Landscapers not only create gardens but also use their creative expertise in entrances, hardscapes, irrigation, and lighting detail to make them stand out among the crowd. These designers utilize their horticultural knowledge as well as landscape design skills to create amazing outdoor living spaces that are functional and harmonious with the surrounding environment.

So we can see that a landscaper is really more involved in bringing your property to life while a gardener is just concerned about maintaining the plant health, pests, and weeds.

What do landscape gardeners do?

A landscaper is a professional that designs and creates landscapes of residential or commercial properties. They may also maintain outdoor scenes, such as parks, greenbelts, and golf courses. Landscaping emphasizes flower beds, hedges, shrubbery, and sometimes water-features.

What services do landscape gardeners offer?

Landscapers can help homeowners with many services related to landscaping, including:

  • Creating an overall plan for the yard and garden.
  • Installing mulch, trees, plants and a variety of other elements.
  • Planting grass or digging out hard ground until it reaches the proper soil grade as directed by the landscaper’s original plan.
  • Dispersing rocks throughout the site for extra texture in open areas or – pathways.
  • Choosing varying types of turf for specific parts of the yard to fit multiple design styles while matching privacy requirements or desired amount of sunlight exposure.
  • Irrigating lawns and bushes when needed.
  • Maintaining shrubs and trees through pruning, trimming and watering needs. Inspecting and identifying faulty drainage systems.

Landscape gardeners help make the outdoors inside your home a more enjoyable and relaxing place to be. Whether you have a small patio or several acres, there are numerous ways this professional can make your property more visually appealing. Gaining clients is not too difficult for these professionals since most homes could use their services at one point or another during their ownership. Those who love spending time outside in nature will find the work of a landscaping gardener particularly gratifying.