All Aspects Landscaping Avelin Street, Hampton

A Hampton landscaping project for a family home. “We need a safe space for the children to play in our backyard”. The deck provides an extra living space.

Hampton Landscaping design

This home has a beautiful, landscaped front garden that leads to the back door. Its landscaping is on quite large size.

Hampton is a suburb located in Melbourne, Victoria. The stunning Hampton beach is just a short walk from the house and offers the perfect setting for long walks with family or friends. The cafes along Hampton Street offer delicious food, drinks, and desserts to enjoy while you relax on one of their many benches outside. And don’t forget about Thomas street park it had an extensive renovation recently of the playground.

The landscaping for the back garden utilizes a simple yet appealing design. The deck provides plenty of space and is perfect to let the dogs out without worrying about them getting into any plants or flowers in the area.

Bentleigh landscaping

The client had been looking for an outdoor space that was both relaxing and functional to share with their children. They wanted the perfect place where they could swing a bat, kick soccer balls in goals, or just have fun playing hide-and-seek.

The backyard makeover really helped them out as it turned out better than they could have dreamt. The new garden included an enclosed play area filled with soft grassy turf.


Bentleigh is a family-friendly suburb in Melbourne’s Southeast and offers plenty of schools, parks, and public transportation. It’s close to Brighton and McKinnon with its abundance of restaurants nearby.

Bentleigh is a suburb with a real community spirit. Bentleigh has an alternative feel to it as the sense of belonging, the importance of local shops and restaurants, and feeling of safety are not things Bentleigh residents take for granted. Bentleigh is indeed a gentle place to live in Melbourne’s Southeast.

Layout Design

We wanted to create a lovely space for the children to play and be safe.


This family house needed pop up sprinklers to be low maintenance. We designed a drip line irrigation system and water timers to make sure the garden is always looking healthy.


The landscaping included a deck with paver bricks, and landscaped around the trampoline to add dimension. In line with keeping up the look of natural landscaping we used plants.


We wanted to create a landscaping design for the Avelin Street Hampton house that was going to be safe for the children. We thought of designing it as a landscaping that was landscaped around the trampoline.

About the Hampton garden

The Hampton house we worked on is a family home. The parents needed to ensure that their children had space and safety they need for playing outside, so our team installed new turf, built a trampoline area with a nearby sprinkler system, put in decking for an outdoor dining experience or just chilling out with friends. We even included some plants around the property as well as red bricks under the enclosed trampoline. We landscaped around the house to make it look lovely and create a peaceful environment.

The design that we worked on for this Hampton landscaping project was quite simple. The landscaping was always going to incorporate buffalo turf.

Merbau timber decking was installed as it creates a lovely look and will last for many years to come without the need for any restoration. The landscaping design included plants as well, such as Water Housier and Japanese Jasmine.

Trampolines are known for killing turf, so we decided on recycled red bricks to go under the trampoline area. First, we used compacted crushed rock and sand, then laid the Recycled Red bricks for paving for the trampoline to go on. This added a nice new landscaping feature to the backyard. The children were thrilled.

In line with keeping up the look of natural landscaping we used plants such as Japanese jasmine and water housier for landscaping, these were planted in beds that go around the trampoline landscaping area. The trampoline was easily installed around this landscaped area.

Merbau decking brings a peaceful and natural look to any area. Unlike other landscaping, it requires little upkeep and will last for many years if cared for correctly with annual oiling.

One of the great advantages of using pop-up sprinklers is that people who live in areas where there’s a lot of landscaping but not much rain can still get some irrigation because these gadgets automatically pop up when it rains. What this means is that homeowners don’t have to worry about installing a long pipe or even tubing to bring water to their landscaping.

Once you have landscaped your backyard with turf, the last thing that you want to see is yellow-looking grass and weeds growing in it. No matter what kind of garden design ideas you come up with, landscaping will fall apart if you don’t pay attention to how to maintain healthy and beautiful landscaping. The first thing that you have to do is to water your landscaping regularly. You can check on this by feeling the soil and see if it is moist or dry before watering it again.

The Hampton house we have been working on is one where everyone can enjoy spending time together outdoors thanks to our landscaping design and installation work. The Hampton house we worked on is a family home. They needed new turf, a space for the children’s trampoline, pop-up sprinkler system, deck, plants, and paving. Hampton is a suburb in the Southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Hampton is located 31 km southeast of the city.

In order to ensure landscaping is successful, you want to make sure that the turf remains healthy and weed-free. This can be achieved by watering your landscaping regularly. You should also keep a close eye on weeds as they will quickly take over any landscaped area if not tended to immediately. Your final step in maintaining the landscaping of this type would be fertilizing it with an organic fertilizer about once every 4 weeks for best results.

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