All Aspects Landscaping Roslyn Street, Brighton

Full back and side yard landscape. We took on this challenge head-on by ensuring every inch was customized so they could enjoy it more than ever before

Roslyn Street Brighton

The homeowners came to us with a vision of their backyard: an area for relaxation, gathering, and entertaining. The outdoor space needed the perfect paving and retaining walls as well as a pool enclosure that would be both functional but also aesthetically pleasing. We took on this challenge head-on by ensuring every inch was customized so they could enjoy it more than ever before!

When working in tight spaces you always need to be aware of furniture placement and walkways so we ensured both were taken into account when designing the garden. The homeowners needed extensive paths which we incorporated into the layout, but they also wanted a lawn area with space for their dogs to play.

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Layout Design

We took the old space and leveled it out, so our project could begin. The clients had made their request for lush green grass, so we got to work on installing all of these beautiful new trees that would make this space look spectacular!


We installed a digital tap timer that can power the two zones and pop-up sprinklers. After planting all of the trees, we moved onto installing drip irrigation underground so that it wasn’t visible or an eyesore even when watering outdoors. We all know the Melbourne summers can get pretty hot.


Planting included waterhousia, floribunda, Japanese maple, ground covers


The clients wanted a unique space, with luscious grass and plants.

About the Roslyn Street, Brighton landscape

We came up with a plan that met all of their requirements for space and then we got to work. Aesthetics were at the forefront as we used only premium materials to give it a clean, classic look that would fit well with the exterior of their home. The owners wanted crushed rock, Retaining walls, treated pine, galvanized steel C and H channels, Recycled hardwood decking, Custom dog house, Custom pool enclosure, and Stainless steel wired fencing.

Contrasting natural and contemporary aesthetic elements were used to create a serene environment for the family, with lush green plants that provide privacy from their neighbors.

No matter where they are in the garden, the homeowners can rest easy knowing that their dogs will be safe and sound whether it is raining or sunny out.

The final result was a masterpiece of function and form with bluestone paving, stainless steel fencing, crushed rock pathways and treated pine retaining walls.

The clients wanted a space that was both beautiful and practical. They found it in the lush, natural world of their backyard-turned-garden through brilliant combinations with contemporary materials to create private spaces.

Video’s of the Brighton garden